sequencer help. glitch scene skip after rendering & removing the preview watermark after rendering.

hey everyone. forgive me for my spelling grammar. i’ve been doing sequencer for a while in unreal engine 4.23.3 for 2 months now. i am working on a mock game trailer but i’m having 2 problems with my sequence.

one is removing the preview watermark after rendering my scene. i uncheck the preview watermark in the show tab’s visualize tab but after i render it, the watermark show up after rendering. is there another way to fix this? i try looking up tutorial online and search everywhere on it but no such luck. is there a way to get rid of the watermark in another setting in sequencer?

two, when i render my clips, some part of my clip glitch to another part of my scene for a split second. it doesn’t do that when i preview the shot in unreal but when i render my shot, the camera glitch to another spot somewhere in my shot for a split second here or there after after it was render. is there a way to fix this?

i didn’t used any light baking or ray tracing or anything like that for my mock trailer, just the default lighting. is there a way to fix my problems without baking lighting or ray tracing and things like that?

  1. Make all lights movable. Unreal is crapping about lights not baked for stationary lights in RENDER. i wondered who is the genius who made “preview” watermark in shadows for video render.
  2. Delete the camera cuts and reinsert the cameras for the camera cut track.

did all that and when i render it, it still shows the watermark, it’s frustrating, any other ideas?

A screenshot would be more helpful in describing the situation.

Sorry, I didnt receive post notification. Seriously, i have no idea. I have only seen preview issue in lights. I couldnt tell what is the round shadow if there is nothing blocking it.