Sequencer enters game mode as soon as i render

Hi, I have a sequencer set up with a character moving on top of another using transform keyframes. As soon as i hit render, the position of the main character (a metahuman) suddenly moves into a different position.

I believe i can recreate the same error by hitting the play button.

It’s not a game it’s just a cinematic. I don’t need any game functionality.

2 questions:

  1. Why would hitting play make my main character move anyway?
  2. How do i set it to render exactly what’s on the viewport and not what’s in game mode?
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I believe the reason it moved is related to the live link mode/ animation mode, still trying to work this out but i think the livelink default pose in the character BP is in a slightly different position to the character settings in sequencer and the livelink settings need to be refreshed in order for the movement to stop. I will try to find out exactly the steps needed but toggling ‘live link face subj’ a few times and checking this setting within the BP too seemed to work…