Sequencer cinematic has random frame between shots

I’m creating a movie using UE4, however there appears to be an issue with several shots having random frames inserted between each shot change. It makes for a very jarring image when played. I can’t see anything in the sequence editor that would cause it to happen like this. The shots all align properly, ie. shot 1 is 00:00 - 00:30, shot 2 is 00:30 - 01:00. What is causing this issue, and is there a fix? I’m using engine 4.20.

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Having this same issue! Seems to be a slight stutter between shots when playing back from sequencer in Unreal - but when I go through the frames one by one it seems fine. Then when I render there is a random frame between some shots. Happening on 5.1 so must be something silly I’m missing