Just received notification that a post was edited, but it wasn't me?

Just saw that one of my posts from a year ago was modified by a staff member. Nothing appears to have been changed from what I can see, but just wanted to see what it may be about. Is this a bug or something?

Here’s the post for reference - Sequencer cinematic has random frame between shots

I saw a bunch of that too, and asked them! Turns out, they’re going through posts and re-classifying them to the appropriate subject – e g, something I posted in “content creation” might actually have turned into a “physics” thread, and they’re moving them around to better homes.

And people say Epic doesn’t care about the forum? Proof of at least some caring right there, for all you negative boys! :slight_smile:

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I suspected that may have been the case but wanted to check. Didn’t remember there being a Sequencer section, but then again it was 1 year ago. =P

Props to them for organizing things around here then. Thanks for the heads up!


Judging by the clumsy re-categorization it doesn’t look like it was actually read by a human. Overall, its more likely it was a bot! So as regards caring for the forums? We’ll see… But if this was done by automation, throwing bad AI at the problem isn’t really caring. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a human clicked the wrong label when moving things. It happens. If there’s a less-than-1% error rate in the moving of messages to topics, I think that would actually be considered pretty good!
(Still sucks to be part of the 1% in this case, of course)
Also, I talked to a real human being to get the answer that, yes, they moved it. Or a very, very, convincing robot, at which point, what’s the difference, REALLY? :smiley:

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