Sequencer and Niagara - questions


I have few question to someone from Epic :slight_smile: I think that there are plenty of people waiting for those news also.

  1. Are there any news on the sequencer? Are You planning to show us something in the next few months(?) maybe? Are You still working on this? Matinee is so old that working with it is… hard :slight_smile:
  2. Same about Niagara but also can You tell us what the biggest differences will be ? Are you planning to use particles more like Maya/Max has. Maybe someting with fluids ? I know that it will be better than Cascade but what does it mean actually ?


Cannot answer for 1., but I heard in a stream that Niagara will be more node-based and also it will be pluggable with new features such as fluid simulation.

  1. they are still working on it -> it’s still on the roadmap. Make sure to vote for it: Trello :slight_smile:
  2. here you can see a preview of Niagara -> Niagara - Watch work in progress thread (Info how to turn it on included) - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Sweet… Glad this is being done. And FYI the command in the engine ini works in 4.9.1