SequenceEvaluatePose was removed, what to use instead

Hi, I’m currently working on updating our game from 4.7 to 4.9 and found that some methods was removed in 4.9 and i don’t know how to do the equivalent now.

We have a subclass of FAnimNode_Base which overrides the function void Evaluate(FPoseContext& Output).
In this function we use two now deleted methods on UAnimInstance

Output.AnimInstance->SequenceEvaluatePose(CurrentSequence, Pose1.Pose, Context);

method definition:

SequenceEvaluatePose(UAnimSequenceBase* Sequence, FA2Pose& Pose, const FAnimExtractContext& ExtractionContext)


Output.AnimInstance->BlendSequences(Pose1.Pose, Pose2.Pose, (BlendAccumulator / BlendTime), Output.Pose);

Method definition:

BlendSequences(const FA2Pose& Pose1, const FA2Pose& Pose2, float Alpha, FA2Pose& Result)

It was another programmer who originally made this code and i’m unsure if evaluation of poses are done completely different in the new version? Can anyone give a headsup on how to move forward?


Found out UAnimSequenceBase has a GetAnimationPose() similar to evaluate pose and you can use FAnimationRuntime::BlendTwoPosesTogether() to blend two poses.