Sequence renders differ greatly from preview - lighting errors, artefacts and flickering geometry

The video assembled in sequencer looks perfect in the preview window, but while rendering there appears to be odd lighting errors. I suspect the problem will be with some distance/quality settings I just don’t know which. Here are some examples.

Above is an image from the sequencer. At the top left where the wooden plank ceiling is, there are weird lighting artifacts. At the back of the room on the counter, there is odd light shining through the walls. Below is the screenshot of the preview

Here is another example of the same render. In the first image below there appears to be light shining through the walls. And the second image is from the preview, this is how it was supposed to look like.

Just to note, I have been having the exact same issues on version 4.22 and across other projects. Here is a screenshot of my rendering settings if that helps determine the issue.

Here is another link for the images