Sequence recorder Processing SLOW

I am looking at the sequence recorder, and have found the following:

No matter if I start it with the right click in the scene outliner, or with the UI, or with my own custom code…

A recording of up to around 30 seconds will work great, when you stop recording, it takes a few seconds to process.
A recording of around 60 seconds will work, but when you stop recording, it takes up to 30 MINUTES to process.

This makes the recorder unusable. Am I missing something? or is this a bug?


You’ve identified a bug we recently put in a workaround for. What’s happening is that the recorded keys are going through a key reduction process which hasn’t been optimized.

In 4.15, there will be a toggle to disable this key reduction, which then you can apply on your own in the curve editor after the recording has completed. In code, this is in MovieScene3DTransformSectionRecorder.cpp, the call to RemoveRedundantKeys, in case you want to edit the code yourself to disable it.

I’m hoping optimize the key reduction algorithm in a future release so you don’t have to toggle this off and still get better results from the recording.


Thanks Max! Much appreciated.

Whoa. I’m having the same issue currently (April 2021) with the Take Recorder. So the key reduction hasn’t been optimized from 4.14 to 4.26.1? I had my own half hour finalization process (20% after 15 minutes). I’ll uncheck the “Reduce Keys” box in each of my cameras. Is it possible to address this for Take Recorder?