Seperate Rougness per Texture Layer within a Landscape Material

Iv been searching for an answer in here and someone posted a similar question with an answer i do not fully understand how to setup since no visual example was given and have no idea how to set up the nodes properly.

I have a landscape Material that uses 8 Layers. i would like to control the roughness per texture layer.

Could someone help by posting a screenshot of a setup that would work for this?


Pic 1
So I use a Landscape Master Material and just make Material Instances from there…way easy…just have to change pictures and numbers for different Landscapes in the level/game…


Pic 2
So I need to change the texture size firstly so that’s that TexCoord and a multiply… make however many you need (sounds like 8 layers for you though I just needed 4) and plug them into anything that will need a Texture on it (Normal and Albedo are the only two Textures I use, just Float Parameters on the rest of the inputs on my Landscapes [spec, AO, no metal needed in my games Landscapes so it’s left blank)


Pic 3
That’s those Execution lines from the previous pic coming on screen for the Diffuse/Albedo Maps and then I separate the layers…I’m just using shades of grey for my default textures but I’ll change them out in the MIC I make of this later…
That’s it…do that over and over again for each input you use Textures on…Make sure to make everything a parameter so you can change it in the Material Instance later…
Let me know if you’ve got any questions…good luck yo…

This way works. But you can also use the Landscape Layer Sample node which gives you a scalar which describe the painted layer mask. then use material attributes and MatLayerBlend nodes.

Thanks for the screenshots. Its a big help. i see people talking about all the different nodes but without seeing a proper way to connect some things, im kinda lost. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the roughness and normal zoomed in? Thanks.

Is it possible to post an example screenshot? Im not exactly sure where to place the nodes and would be good to see a reference. Thanks

Roughness is just Constant parameters rather than textures…Normals or just normal maps rather than Diffuse maps…all plugged into the same layer set up as the diffuse…really just rinse wash repeat for all inputs…