Separating Color and Opacity.


I followed a helpful tutorial allowing me to fade a UI widget in and out based on a collision box. At the moment everything works, but when i plug a timeline animation into a “set color and opacity” i only have the option to change both at once. At least i think this is whats happening. It results in the text fading to black as well as fading opacity.

I think i need a way to affect the alpha/opacity alone, not the color values as well, does anybody have any ideas on how to do that?


Dark_Jubei, you would first use the “Get Color And Opacity” function to retrieve the current color and opacity of your widget. Then, use the “Break LinearColor” node to expose the R, G, B, and A (alpha) values of that. Then use the “Make LinearColor” node to reassemble the color values copying the R, G, and B from the original value but replacing the A with a float value coming from your timeline.

YES! that did it! thanks very much Krxtopher!