Separate GI lightmap for SkyLight bake and separate for every other lights. Possible?


I have added global postprocess GI color and intensity to dynamic Day/Night system, i have also baked SkyLight so i have now fake dynamic GI for static objects.
Everything was great until i have tested this setup with additional point lights… i have now disco lights :confused: Since they (SkyLight and PointLights) are baked in the same lightmap, the PointLights react to my Day/Night system. PointLights change intensity and color according to time of day, so basically they go dark at night.

“Stationary” solves my problem only partially because they also bake GI, my problem is less visible and still i can’t bake any fully static flood lights.
Not to mention scenario when i go underground, there is no sunlight and i need some lights with GI, but GI will be changing color and intensity because of global Day/Night system.

How can i solve this problem? Can i somehow bake SkyLight GI into one lightmap and every other lights GI to another so i can drive only SkyLight lightmap by GI in postprocess?

I have MadSkillz @ C++ (read NONE) and Fatality @ Blueprints (read NOOB) :wink:

Any ideas?

The engine isn’t built for that, so unless you know coding then it won’t be able to.

I’m very very VERY disappointed :wink: