Senza Peso 4,7/4.8 Update

As some of you know Kite & Lightning very kindly open sourced Senza Peso a while back for UE4.5.

So I decided to update the project to 4.7/4.8.
I have’nt had a chance to optimize anything(I only updated the code) but a quick profile tells me the main performance issues are UE4’s media playback, overdraw and level streaming.

The one thing you will need to do is set the media assets to point to the WMV files.
Maybe somebody with a bit more time to spare could have a tweaking session.

If anybody wants to have a play the download is below.


Thanks for sharing. I believe they stated in their blog post that the the .wmv player was a public swap for the bink! media format the used in the demo that was originally built. That it was a pretty big hit.

I’m curious, 1. What was involved in pushing the project up to the latest engine? 2. How do you feel the level streaming is part of the project strain? Is it just that things aren’t built that efficiently, or is that just the wrong way to go about stringing together a number of sequences?
I’m really interested in proper procedure here. I’m sure many people are. Kite and Lighting’s demo was a pretty good example of the type of project a non game developer would be trying to pursue with the engine.

Hi pixelvspixel,

Sorry for the late reply. To answer your questions…

  1. not alot really just updating the code to the changes that occured in 4.6 in regards to constructors and pointers plus replacing a few deprectiated functions.

  2. upon thurther investigation the actual loading of a new level is fine. The hitch seems to occur when you first make the new level visible.
    Im not entirely sure what is causing this. Maybe shader setup/caching?

Anyway I spent some time the other day trying to optimize this for my humble rig and can now get a pretty much flawless 75fps on an r9 270x/Phenom 965 BE.
I’ll post a link for people to try when ive uploaded it.

Ive just uploaded a development build.

I’d be interested to see how it performs for people and there specs.
Consider this a first pass theres still a few audio issues and minor things to polish.

additional keys are,

‘1’ latency perfhud
‘2’ fps perfhud
‘3’ perfhud off

I can run this version on the “Better” setting which I couldn’t before. Previously as soon as I got to the boat using this setting it was too nauseating.

My specs are: i7-4970 16GB GTX 770
Missed frame count: 50 - some on loading between levels and not very noticeable overall.

Thanks for doing the upgrade, it’s reassuring to compare versions and see noticeable improvements with the latest SDK.

GTX970 4gb

It ran really smooth compared to the first time I played it. I turned qahead on if it wasn’t already and ran it at a consistent 75fps at sp 200. It started to lose frames around the time the boat warped into the area with the movie billboards but stayed steady at 74-75fps. Until I got to the fire level. Then the frame rate dipped to the 40s-50s and I was hitting 20ms.