Sensor in Unreal?


For my masters thesis I have to test Unreal engine. I have to simulate sensors in Unreal and get the data of the sensor.
Is it possible to simulate sensors in Unreal, for example a sensor that represents the distance to a moving object, but also more complex sensors like LiDAR?

I also have to be able to measure the time of a falling ball, so that I can check the physics in Unreal. From this I can decide how well it fits with the reality.


I am currently writing my masters thesis as well. Topic is autonomous driving. For this I need sensors on my car as well, especially the ultrasonic sensor for distance.

Did you managed to implement your sensors and if yes, how? I am currently facing the same problem as you.

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You might have to be more specific, but you can defintely do this kind of thing. For instance the standard way of interacting with object is using a line trace:

With a bit of adjustment, this could tell you the distance to the object. There is also ( get distance to ):