Sending Glass-object from Maya to Unreal

Hey everyone,

I created a Marble in Maya using Mia_Material from the Mental Ray-Plug-In the way it is shown in this tutorial:

After Finishing, i sent the model to unreal and this warning showed up:
The plug-in does not support the following material types:
Material mia_material_x2 will be exported as a grey Lambert material.
Material mia_material_x1 will be exported as a grey Lambert material.

In Unreal, as expected the marble was just a grey sphere.
Can someone pls help?

You can’t do anything about it—rarely does any material export out of any particular 3D program to another since usually the shaders are so different between programs. For UE4 the only thing it supports from materials is the most basic material type, for example in 3ds Max it is the Standard material.