Semi-Offline Replication

Trying to find a way to replicate only data, not levels, actors, or anything, across from a dedicated server to clients. For example, as a client, I load a new level. It simply tells the dedicated server, what level, and its position, etc. Then another player logs in at a different time, and gets that information, and loads the same level. The problem right now I’m having is the clients have to be in the same level as the server, but I dont really care about levels, only data, mostly in blueprints. Any ideas how to make this happen?

I guess this is what I’m talking about, but I’ve got no idea really how to implement something like this. Guess I’d have to start learning some C++? Anyone know of any good tutorials?

Been doing some more research, but hoping for a little more help from the community as to what path to go down. This is looking promising, I would be able to transfer just the data I need, not care about levels, actors, etc. Just raw data with the TCP. But, I was hoping to be able to utilize it the following way:

One player connects, moves a character, and that new position is sent thru tcp. This player then logs off, disconnects, everything. Second player logs in, receives the data for the characters new position, and that is then used locally. But, doing it this way, I would have to have a dedicated server then? Because both players are not playing at the same time, not connected to the server at the same time. Or is there some other way to transfer this data without using a dedicated server?

if you’re using TCP you could set up a webserver to keep and send the data to the players.
I played around with this method in UE3 long ago and it worked well the purpose of sending some small data to a server (I intended to use it for leaderboards but ended up using Steam Leaderboards).
Back then I had the php code in my own host but I believe a free web host with php support would work as well. back then I modified the php code from the example to store it in a text file so I didn’t even need a mysql database (yeah not very secure)
while the provided example is for UE3 with unrealscript, the TCP functionality in UE4 is probably the same (a quick glance at the features of the TCP BP plugin you linked seems to have all it would need)

a webserver will be slower than sending it from player to player but it’s probably enough for your case since you only send/receive data when the player logs in

Awesome, thanks so much for the help Chosker, I’ll work I’ll on implementing something with this info in the coming days, really appreciate it! Got lots of research to do now. :relaxed:

This seems like it may work as well? I could skip any php, owning my own web host, etc.?
Sorry, I know next to nothing about these topics, but I really appreciate the help.