Selling engine plugin outside the marketplace

Hello there!
I have been working on a plugin which is added on the engine level. So technically it is “custom” engine branch.
As far as I know current marketplace doesn’t support that.
Yet I heard that we can use third-party places to sell the plugins, as long as we pay Epic Games.

So I have a few questions because plugin changes the engine code:

  1. Can I sell it as some sort of “git patch” file for UE4?
  2. Can I create private organization on github, with cloned UE4 branch (which will include my plugin), and sell the invitation to that organization (so people won’t have to use “git patch” file)?
  3. Is there another way to sell the engine plugin?

Thank you in advance!

Are you wanted to sell SQLite plugin for database connectivity ?.. I am really interested.

It has nothing to do with SQLite…

Hi there!

So to answer your points in order:

  1. Yes, you certainly can.

  2. Unfortunately no, we do not allow for a fully cloned UE4 branch.

  3. You are certainly able to sell this separately and don’t need anything from us on that end. If you would like to reach out just to cover your bases you’re certainly welcome to let us know.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need anything else.