Selectively disable occlusion culling for actors


I’ve spent a day trying to fix this through googling and have hit a dead end. I’ve got these simple spotlight meshes with baked animations behind some buildings. They’re culling in parts of their animation where they are most occluded by the buildings in-front of them.

I’ve tried turning occlusion off at a project level (which is not feasible for this project obviously), this largely fixed the issue. My understanding is that the project settings check-box disables all methods of culling in use by the engine.

Turning HZB occlusion off didn’t help.

Increasing bounds of the mesh didn’t help, even increasing it to 1000% of its default didn’t help.

From what I’ve gathered, this problem is difficult to solve in UE4 and the best direction toward a solution I’ve been able to find was through some material-magic involving pixel depth, which sounded fairly instruction-expensive.

Please, any help is very much appreciated, thank you!

What I’ve Tried__

-Project Settings > Rendering > Occlusion Culling
*Can tell it disables all culling methods, the front beam stays visible through its animation. Beam behind it still culls. This is not a viable solution anyways, obviously.

-*Expanding actor render bounds scale
*People say you should just have to nudge this beyond the default 1.0. I’ve got it at 20 and that helped the culling marginally. Still no where near solved.

-*Adding spans along the length of the mesh
Splitting the mesh several times along its length did not help.

*-*Removing occluder flag on building in front of the actor
Unchecking “Use as Occluder” did not help.