Selecting Third Person or Motion Controller Pawn

I’m looking for ideas for how to set up supporting both VR and non-VR game play. The default 3rd Person controller supports seated VR, but I’m aiming for room-scale. The animations for VR and 3rd person would be totally different, so I’d like to leave those in place for each controller.

I don’t necessarily want to switch during gameplay. At startup is fine, based on a preference setting and if a HMD is available. If not, the 3rd person controller should be used.

I was thinking that I could possibly set up the game mode to select which pawn should be used. But I’m not clear on whether or not I should consider using multiple game modes, or a single one that can switch the default pawn.

If I were to have more than one game mode, would the game mode need to be selected by the level blueprint? I’m not sure what mechanism would select the game mode to use.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

What I’ve done in the past is to set the default pawn to “None”, and on PlayerController Begin Play, determine which Pawn should be spawned (IsHMDConnected/IsHmdEnabled, etc), and then call a custom function in GameMode to spawn and possess the Pawn.