Select /tag a specific object?

hey everyone!
I’m testing out the ‘forced perspective’ asset from the Community Content, which works like a charm for my game prototype, here’s the link. There’s just one problem which I couldn’t find any solutions yet ( I just started out with ue4, coming from unity). Right now, I can select any static mesh in the scene but not the BSP primitiv objects, which is cool in the prototype, but not very useful in my level prototype, which is completely built with only static meshes.

Is there any way in ue4 to “tag” objects or any solution for selecting a specific static mesh, f.ex. select only the objects with the “canbeselected-tag”?

Thanks for any help!

This should help you - How To Tag Player/Enemy/Bullet - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Additionally, BSP’s aren’t really objects. In that scene in your link you’d want to make the world from BSP’s and create actual actors for the blocks. the starter content contains a cube shape that will suit your needs.

Hey SirYakalot! Thanks for your reply! I’m sorry, i think i need to be more specific, I think i didn’t use the right terminology. ( about bsp’s i know, they are not really objects).

My problem right now is, in the asset from above, every static object can be dragged around and resized ( not the created “bsp-enviroment”).
But I want to achieve: let’s say i have 2 static meshes, 2 cubes - one with a blue & 1 with a red material on it. The player should be able to pick up only the red cube, not the blue one. In unity i would use tags for this case, but I not sure how to do it in ue4, something to identify 2 ( or more) static meshes.