Seeking Voice Recognition & Motion Capture, other Handsfree Input Devices

Post your recommendations here. Sincere Thanks in advance!

You basically just described Kinect V2 For windows? There is a plugin by lion . It comes out July 15th , and epic said they are getting their kinect sensors soon and will probably start working on experimental support / help lion with better plugin support.

Hi KRushin, Thanks for your reply. I didn’t see any mention of Voice Recognition in that Kinect thread, I assume its only for motion capture. Control VR is another option for hands-free motion capture.

Kinect does do voice recognition. Unless you just meant it’s not supported in the plugin.

If so though, it should be an easy addition as Kinect has one of the best voice recognition libraries you could ask for (just give it a string for the word to recognize, basically). Given that the plugin is already talking to the Kinect API or whatever, it should be easy enough to add.

Thanks for your reply n00854180t. Sounds like Kinect is a all-in-one solution. I’m interested in tracking in individual Finger Motion. Reading over the skeletal tracking features it states: The enhanced fidelity of the depth camera… tracking 25 joints per person. I’m not sure that means Kinect can achieve that level of fidelity.

I think Kinect 2.0 can do finger tracking (the original definitely cannot), but I’m not totally sure if it’s really supported. All the demos I’ve seen have used a skeleton without fingers, that I could tell.

I am part of the beta for the Kinect v2 and unfortunately it doesn’t support voice recognition yet with the SDK. Windows does have built in voice recognition SDK’s available to you though that varies a fair bit from the voice recognition that was in the first Kinect, but can be used to deliver the same capabilities if you spend a little bit of time with it. I am not sure if they will be adding any voice recognition capabilities to the SDK over time.

Depending what you are looking for there is also lots of other fairly simple voice command software’s out there that you can get to emulate key presses or macro’s that may suit your needs too.

Thanks Zoltan for the correction - sucks it’s not yet supported, since the first Kinect’s voice recognition was so good.

Windows’ built in voice recognition kind of sucks, unfortunately. From what I understand it’s quite cumbersome to use, especially compared with the Kinect (original) SDK voice recognition.

Bit late (recently joined:))but I think Leap Motion could be a good choice. They support Unreal Engine and Oculus VR


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