Seeking Assistance: Understanding UEFN Module Versioning on

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m currently conducting security research on Epic Games in line with their bug bounty program guidelines (found on HackerOne) and I could use some assistance in understanding a specific functionality on a website related to UEFN.

To be as clear and comprehensive as possible, let me provide you with more details.

The website I’m referring to is It features a function that enables users to create UEFN projects. The first image below is from the website, and the second one is related to UEFN (I’m using this second image for context only, as it is irrelevant to my question. All other images are from the website.)

Back to the website mentioned earlier, inside each project, there is a function that allows users to create a module and upload files to it.

Upon clicking the “Create first Module” button, users are prompted with the window below, asking them to define a content-type for the module. There are three types of content-type, but I couldn’t find any information about them on the internet (Please disregard the error shown in the image below, as it’s not relevant to the question.)

After successfully creating the module, users can proceed to upload files to it, as shown below.

However, when trying to upload a file, users are asked to supply a source version or an engine version, as seen below. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on valid source versions (nor do I know what software this version is related to). As a result, all my attempts to upload files have been unsuccessful, resulting in the error shown below.

Now, finally coming to my question, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide me with a valid source version, or the name of the software I need to find a version for, or literally any thing that would help me to solve this problem. Thank you in advance!

@marcossectest Hello! This is something that our Player Support team can investigate for you to give more information: Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games