Second player created; controlling issues

Good evening,

Iam stuck with an issue I can’t seem to solve or find a solution. I was browsing the answerhub and found some other people with almost the same issues but applying their solutions didn’t do it for me so that’s why this post.

When creating a player with the create player node I am not able to control it unless I put the boolean spawn pawn on true, but when putting it on true, I get an additional character which i don’t need. I got then 3 characters where there should be only 2. (see picture) When I turn it on false the extra character dissapears but iam not able to control the character iam calling with the SpawnActor blueprint.

Below you can see the blueprint screenshots and my issue with an extra actor.

Why are you using the “spawn default controller” node? That’s what the new player node does, isn’t it? It create a local player and adds a player controller for them. You’re replacing control of the pawn with a new controller you’re not using.

Well that’s what I thought too, even if I remove the “spawn default controller” node I am still not able to controll the actor thats being spawned. I am getting an error that the returnvalue from create player is empty cause it isn’t spawning anything.

Your answer made me look in the right direction and I fixed it, the spawn default controller node was indeed not needed and I fixed it by removing it and adding a player character node and put that into possess node, which made it worked.

I always thought the return value from create player had to be in the possess node’s target pin.

Thanks TTaM, for clearing my mind and put me back on focus mode!