Searching help/idea for experiment project

Hi, everyone.

With a friend, we would like to create an immersive experience at scale 1:1
But we don’t know if our idea is technically realistic or realizable.
That’s why I submit it here, in order to have your feedback, opinions and/or research path.
Be lenient, thanks

So the idea is:

in a limited space

Create a floor plan with tape

Take a picture (or realtime capture)

Create virtual element (walls)

deploye it “in situ” for experiment

I don’t know if you can understand.

Maybe something like this just exist.
Maybe it’s too complex.


Check this out:

Thanks a lot, it’s a very nice start for us

I would check out the Google ARCore Demo as well, if you’re not confident about the AR aspects: Quickstart for Unreal  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers