Seams In Glass Material

I have seams on my glass material that are showing up in engine but not in Substance Painter. I’m not sure how to fix the problem. All of my maps seem to be seamless, but it’s showing the seams on the glass material, but the rest of the object is fine.

Still unable to figure it out.

Your attached images are a bit confusing - I’m not seeing any seams in the glass material, but reflection issues / artifacts.

What is your reflection capture setup for this scene? If you remove absolutely everything in the scene apart from the lightbulb, does it look similar to substance?

I just realized that the images are small. My apologies. I am not sure how to properly set up reflection capture for this. However, I don’t understand why that would cause these seams. These seams are exactly where my UV seams are (the cap on the top and loop on the back). I don’t necessarily want it to look the same as it does in Painter, it’s just the seams that I would like to get rid of.



That’s more obvious - and you’re right, that’s not to do with the reflection captures.

If you put a regular (non transparent) material on it, do the seams still show up? My next check would be vertex normals / smoothing groups.

It looks almost like a self sorting issue with the 2 sided material. I say that because the seam looks more like relative intensity changing across the UV seam and the cubemap seems to still line up across it. I would try isolating it to each side and see if that removes the problem. if so there are some things involving custom depth that you could try to fix it.

UV seams can cause changes is sorting because it causes the verts to be grouped in different sections of the index buffer.