Seamlessly Looping a Niagara system

I’m coming from motion graphics and Using UE to render videos. I’m having a Niagara system and I need it to look exactly the same at the beginning and end of my video - so it’ll create a seamlessly looping video.
Is this something that’s possible with Niagara? in Houdini it can be created with Cache. I want to have the system made in Niagara without importing external data. Currently, every time I render a video the Niagara system emits slightly differently. Thanks!

Were you able to find a solution? I’m currently trying to figure it out myself. Any help is much appreciated :).

It’s technically possible, but requires a whole bunch of manual setup.

One of the ways you can do it, is by not using randomness and instead using completely predictable looping values for simulation. Setting manual seeds can be very helpful here. You can set the seed based on the id of a particle and loop the id using modulo for example.

Any thing that is manually animated using curves will also be loopable by making sure the curves align.

Lastly, the first loop might not be loopable due to not having the particle from the previous loop available. A warmup time at least equal to the loop can be helpful here.

Hope that helps.