Seamless travel stops ?listen command


I’m running from 4.10 branch, changelist #2708975.

Whenever I try to load up my menu/lobby map with the ?listen command, while seamless travel is enabled, listen command seems to be ignored.

Not sure if this is intended behavior, but I haven’t seen anything written about it.



I wasn’t able to reproduce this in 4.9.2 or in 4.10 CL 2710738. I doubt there was any change between CL you’re on and CL I tested with, but you may want to try a newer CL.

Either way, can you test in 4.9.2 and see if same occurs for you there? And can you give me some details on your setup and specifically how you’re connecting Client and Server and with which method you’re travelling with the ?listen command? Are you seeing this in editor with Use Single Process, or are you opening multiple instances of editor to test with the ?listen parameter? Or is this only occurring in a packaged project?

Any other details might be helpful. If you’re able to reproduce this in a small test project, I could take a look at that as well. Thanks!

Hi , Thanks for reply.

Sorry for lack of detail in first post, error has been occurring in a packaged Xbox build. After creating a session, entry scene was being reloaded using ServerTravel like so;


Before enabling seamless travel, this would correctly reload map and begin a listen server. After enabling seamless travel, listen server was not being created (Or at least, I could not connect to server anymore), and log suggested it was ignoring the “?listen”. For moment, I’ve gotten around this in project by using UWorld::Listen instead, but I haven’t had any luck using above with seamless travel.

Thanks for looking into this!

If you package game for Win64, does same issue occur? If not, you’ll need to post in appropriate forums for Xbox issues. If it does, could you post Client and Server logs (from Win64 package)? Thanks!


We haven’t heard back from you in a while. Were you able to determine whether this was exclusively an XBox packaging issue, or if it happens in a Win64 build as well? I’m going to resolve this post for tracking purposes, but please feel free to let me know if you have more details and we can continue investigating. Thanks!