seamless travel and hud remnents

I’m having an issue with HUD remnents after a seamless travel. The order of my state and controller changes look like this:

Controller 0: PreClientTravel (current state: Playing)

Controller 0: EndPlayingState

Controller 0: Begin Inactive State

Controller 0: End Inactive State

Controller 0: Begin Spectating State

Controller 1: Begin Spectating State

Controller 1: End Spectating State

Controller 1: Begin Playing State

So it looks like it is creating a new controller (Controller 1) for the player to use after the travel is complete. But if you look in bold above it calls BeginSpectatingState() and then does nothing else with Controller 0 again. So Controller 0 thinks its spectating and adjusts HUD but is not accessible again after that.

When the player changes state in Controller 1 now, only Controller 1’s HUD will be changing. Controller 0’s HUD element is still stuck there because it added a UMG widget when it thought we started spectating.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Seems to be problem related to code in my PlayerController Unfreeze() which was causing the problem.