Seam when using Texture Coordinate on round meshes?

Hi, I’m making a basic material using a TexCoord & Panner to zoom in the texture and move it.

The material is being applied to a round mesh, and whenever I enter a value into the UTiling of the Texture Coordinate that is between two whole numbers, it creates a seam on any round mesh. Is there a way I can solve this? I need to zoom into the texture (or scale it up) so I cant really round the values to whole numbers. Are there alternate ways to scale a texture that removes the seam?

Also, just to clarify, the texture is seamless when I either A: Don’t use a TexCoord or B: Have the value in the UTiling set to a whole number.

You will have to cover up the unavoidable seam by using a second UV: the vertices at the edge of the UV space on UV #1 should be in the middle in UV #2. Then use something the like following node graph to do the coverup:

(I tinted the cover texture red for clarity.) So the cylinder (flattened version on top) has the first seam toward the camera, the second at the other side.

This shows the basic idea but you’ll probably want to vary the thickness and contrast values based on the texture values of the cover branch to make the transition less apparent.