SDF Robo Progress Bars


I would like to introduce you my new material/blueprint system that speeds ups preparing customized progress bars. My method allows achieving a large variety of cool effects without any 2d graphics skills.

First alpha version showcase in UE4:

My proof of concept on Shadertoy:

**Current features: **

  • Signed distance functions based rendering (shape is generated from mathematical functions). ‘Vectorized’ graphics quality.
  • Configurable for all resolutions.
  • Configurable progress steps divisions.
  • Fully scalable and extendable for more shapes.
  • Not used any texture for final used but can be extended by textures.
  • GPU friendly, one draw call, fast loading, small memory usage (one material per bar)


  • More shapes circle bar, triangle bar
  • Second progress color (especially for fighting games)
  • Glossy effect/Shadows etc.
  • Animated patterns
  • Replace SDF functions with external SDF textures.

It would be great to get some feedback from you. :slight_smile:

Version 1.0 released:…-progress-bars

Hello, I’m try to make my own bar but want to use these materials .I also want to change the image but still want to keep how the bar is increasing and decreasing.Can i do that with this program.Here is a picture of the custom bar i want to use.I want the top to start green and go into a purple.With a lined parts like you have in your program.

You can use the mask for the progress of the bar.
Probably you will have to split your bar into two quads: background and Robo Bar Material with a mask.

I’m working on more specific documentation right now. If you are still having problems, please send me a mail ( with your bar texture I will help you solve that :slight_smile:

The bars look great and very interested is there any plan on adding border fill bars or something similar? also any timeline or estimates on the road map for circle bars?

Yes, circle bar is on my list :slight_smile: Do you have any examples of border fill bars ?

I just wondered if you had an idea for when circles would be added this quarter or next for example? Border fill bars are similar to circle but would run around the outside so might not actually be needed but as an example

An additional request or question is how difficult would it be to add or show damage buffers an example of which is

Is it also possible to modify or merge some bars together e.g. the green bar divided into squares changing color from green to red the lower the bar goes. I have seen it on another bar in your pack but just wondered if they could be mixed easily?

I need to do some tests but I feel that after small modification of the master material it should be possible.

Some basic buffers can be done by two layers of progress bars it is not very comfortable and efficient but possible. I will think how can I make it better.

I’ve prepared 12 examples of material to show a wide range of possibilities. All bars in Robo Bars package share the same master material function so you can copy parameters from one bar to another.

I’ve tried to use this, and I’ve followed the tutorial, However, the bar continues to just go from 0 to 100% and back again repeatedly.
Graph: Screenshot - 30998d76851c0e7ce6d409643f9ab6f9 - Gyazo
Designer: Screenshot - 4411194d321d5b1678fcf648750e8710 - Gyazo

Just open bar material and find debug option:
Progress->ProgressDebug = false
It’s activated by default to visualize the effect of changes in the preview. I will update the documentation very soon with explanation of all material parameters :slight_smile:


Just finished first huge update of bars :slight_smile:

When will the update of the circle be release? I don’t have it.

It looks very strange because the package that I’ve linked in marketplace contains updated content. For a week I was thinking that you can already use the new version of bars - even I’ve got confirmation “Updates to your product have been processed and are now live”.

I’m waiting for a response from Epic Marketplace Support to solve this. Please be patient update should be available very soon :slight_smile:

I didn’t find the updated bars too (I checked and tried the package yesterday), waiting for it! :slight_smile:

Epic Marketplace Support solved the problem and it’s working now. You can download the update. :slight_smile:

Okey I got it, thank you for the intervention, the new bars are looking cool! :rolleyes:

Awesome pack, is this also working with 4.17?

Great job, gg and thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Sorry, there is no backward compatibility but I will check what can i do with 4.17.