Sculpting on a small scale

Hi there!

I am trying to sculpt the landscape, but the brush seems to work only with large sizes, (when I say big I mean the size of a car) If you try to sculpt the terrain with the brush the size of a stone, the terrain does not move, just in certain areas of the landscape. Can anybody help me?

You might get some joy by remaking your landscape with different parameters. See here for the epic recommended configs ( search recommended landscape sizes ):

Having said that, usually the part you’re editing will be about the size of car. They don’t deal in tiny variations.

If you want to sculpt at that kind of level you’re probably better off making a mesh in blender and importing it.

Yeah, the default landscape resolution is one vertex per square meter, so you can’t sculpt in small details. For fine details you can either use meshes, or use tessellation + displacement mapping inside the landscape material. But keep in mind that tessellation + displacement mapping won’t change the collision of the landscape.

Kinda stating the obvious here, but if you scale down your landscape from 100 to 50, then you have a vertex every 50cm… if you bring it down to 25 it will be? 25cm. so on.
This COULD kill performance. it depends on what it is that you are doing.