scrolling forward and backward in time?

We’re making some VR music videos/experiences and I want to add a common technique for pausing the experience and scrolling through the timeline, I’m wondering if others have already shared their tools that can be skinned by others? I know a few apps do have ways of doing this, like Within has decent controls.

What I think might work, for the Vive at least, is to use the trigger to pause, and then I have a few ideas for what the scrolling could look like but it should allow you to see where you’re at. For this I thought something similar to what Google Earth is doing by limiting the field of view when you’re moving quickly, could work here too. Once you move forward the field narrows and you can get a glimpse of the world as it moves by, and still look around, and then the view quickly expands once you start back up.

I couldn’t find a thread about this but if one exists I’d love to see what others are doing.