Screenshot Saturday!

Been a while since we’ve posted a shot, so here ya go!
You can find the game here in the WIP forum before we release the game on Steam this Fall and is our site.

Its already Saturday so:

Kaboom Arena - putting the Baaa in Kaboom … makes no sense now … but it will one of these days. 8-}


The sheep model was made by Crocopede … 8-}

My Saturday Screenshot :wink:


Working on a bit of everything today!

Started the morning working on finishing a model with a morph animation, and then setup the material with curves in the animation track so he changes color and the bloom intensifys as his head morphs out. His name is jelley:)


Next worked on planets, station,and asteroids




It’s actually Sunday in Australia… Can I still play ball?

#screenshotsaturday We’ve released our title on @PlayStation 4, we’ve used Unreal Engine 4! Please visit our website further information:

Thanks so much!

I’m working on my ocean shader, more information in the forum thread

I’m working on planet shaders, and effects today in system two of Arconia


CAT Interstellar

Here’s our 4 week game project moving forward!

And here’s our website and facebook!

Wow, this looks great! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

WIP Arch Viz


Lets see if our heroine can take out all the cute little blue Jel!

Find out more here:

Today for Arconia I worked on refining a single asteroid asset to use on multiple systems with unique looks. Also worked on refining my base shader setup for each system.
The first two pics compared to the last pick are all the same asset just different shaders.




I looove the rocks! How did you get them to look like that? Did you go over the edges with a brush manually?