Screenshot Saturday!

Dynamic shadows still missing :3

Screenshots from my first steps with Blender and UE4 :slight_smile:

Sadly its Sunday already. I still got a screenshot to share

and please have a look at the video

I dont want you to miss my newest expression :3

Keep calm because you’re gonna die! :-s


Thing with stuff:


Some work-in-progress material for our new cards, rendered inside UE4:
The icons will still be worked on and it’s missing all the text and numbers since we had to change the text rendering system a bit, but it’s all 3D and there will be some nice animations in-game :slight_smile:

Maker From Below (Oculus VR Jam 2015)

Hey, my name is Thomas. I’m participating in the Oculus VR JAM with “Maker From Below” a multiplayer game for the Gear VR, inspired by the Dune universe.

While at it I’m keeping a dev blog at .
Today, after a lot of R&D, I set up the first alpha, and captured these screenshots for my #screenshotsaturday](


Flutter Bombs :: River Run

A screenshot from a recent level I’ve added to Flutter Bombs on Oculus Share. Will be presenting an auto-pilot variant of this level next month at a VR gathering.


My little project!
Link to forum thread.

#screenshotsaturday one pic of the our new footage: the Intro to our soon to be released video game: “Red Goddess: Inner World” #unrealdev developing with Unreal Engine 4. Thanks guys!


Alot of these are super inspiring and amazing!!! This engine NEVER ceases to amaze me!!! Keep up the great work :smiley:

Here is my entry! A pic from my WIP VR Music Fests project :slight_smile: This one is Ultra in Miami!


Close-up of the missiles in Barrage.

Its time to present you my project, the worktitle is Cronos.

Some progress on Ancestory before the Nordic Game Conference:

Project I’ve been working on since last year, The Book of Leaves. It’s a series of horror vignettes exploring a dark, Lovecraftian universe. Here are two shots from the 2nd “Chapter”, The Light in the Lighthouse.