Screenshot Saturday!

score and combo panel

Affinity PRE PRE Alpha


Discrepant - early Alpha
New Bitmap Image.jpg

This is a screenshot of an Asymmetric team based multiplayer flying game I am making where you play as dragons vs flying machines (at least that’s the current plan!). I’m still not sure what to call the game and currently having issues getting multiplayer to work successfully but I’m making good progress with everything else!


@The Cheese Dragon, that is a beautiful shot! Love the godrays and the dragons!

Here is this week’s #screenshotsaturday screenshot from us (it is still a WIP):

Nice. Based on this I believe you must be the guy with the blog about making an FPS, I was looking at that and am about ready to dive in.

Very cool! Ill be following your progress on this one very closely, I really love the mechanics so far!

oh my… such talent

keep it up guys

The billiard room of Dunkenhof Manor in the game Vernon’s Legacy on #screenshotsaturday.


The billiard room of Dunkenhof Manor in the game Vernon’s Legacy on screenshotsaturday.


Well it’s saturday, so here is a planetary system in UE4. The player is seen orbiting a moon around a gas giant.

Some slightly better-looking pictures in the thread just below :stuck_out_tongue: .

aww man thanks! thats good to hear, I really want to make something i love and everyone will enjoy.

Wanted to share a post on a quick rundown on what we have been doing with the use of Substance Designer and the flexibility of what being able to use procedural materials within unreal engine 4 ‪#‎ScreenshotSaturday‬](#screenshotsaturday | Facebook)
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Just started to work

After 1/2 Weeks Zbrush learning:

Original Artwork:

We just finished up Day 1 on Steam Greenlight. My poor F5 key…


This is our game RELAPSE :slight_smile: it’s an horror themed adventure game. Some things are subject to change but you can check us out on our
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Criticism is always welcome!

screenshot saturday

It’s Saturday right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Latest screenshots from our short in real time, Frequence! ( still in work in progress,but the level art mostly done )

Frequence is a story inside an environnment made of surrealistic musical instruments.the textures and shaders are done in substance painter and designer


C&C are welcome

The abandoned manor in Vernon’s Legacy.


Testing out ue4 , want to try make a med-evil zombie survival game , tried to make a simple scene but im dont think ive got it right :confused: never tried any sort of programming or visual game design so bear with me :confused: any advice on getting the grass to look better ? :frowning: or how i could improve anything else in the scene ?