Screenshot Saturday!

WIP Arch Viz


Lets see if our heroine can take out all the cute little blue Jel!

Find out more here:

Today for Arconia I worked on refining a single asteroid asset to use on multiple systems with unique looks. Also worked on refining my base shader setup for each system.
The first two pics compared to the last pick are all the same asset just different shaders.




I looove the rocks! How did you get them to look like that? Did you go over the edges with a brush manually?

Screenshot Saturday/Sunday morning

New screenshots of the level I am working on for our game Solar Purge. If you’re interested I have another thread with all the information and links to our other pages, the link to that thread is pasted below.

What this WIP Arch Viz is about? :confused:

Here’s my Screenshot for today :slight_smile:

Advanced Glass Material Package for UE4

Full resolution of a 4K cropped frame:


Very early work on the entry scene of an underground exploration thriller I’m on with my friend. This scene will attempt to establish the general look and feel for the game.

This is what I’ve been working on during these last weeks! Hype!
Here’s our website :

We’ve been working hard on an additional level environment for Ancestory and here’s a little look at it:

Getting more art in-engine! We’re inching our way towards building our first person frisbee game. :wink: Here’s a look at our test level and some of the powerups we’ll have around the map.

Working on particle nebulas today for a fun break from the normal grind of modeling.



I worked today on a presentation type project to visualize how my BP for scripting game progression works. It allows for saving/loading the game any time and remembers the state of levels when traversing between them. You will find more info here:

WIP - Game Progression System (2015-07-26) 01.jpg


Here’s a few more WIP pics from our burglary sim, Klepto.

#screenshotsaturday mood

Hi! :slight_smile:
Some screenshots of what I’ve been working with in UE4. Some early research tests to set the enviroment mood.

@darkwoods. Super pretty! I love the palette <3

Something I’m working on


Screenshot saturday hype! We finally got a proper office space to work and this is what I and one level designer did in 3 days ( all new meshes and stuff but old shaders ). We have a super tight schedule and only a couple of people so we have to work really smart and sadly don’t get the time to dwell too much on details. Hope you like it!

Last week, our game was called Vordisk. Moving forward, we’ve decided on the name V-Bound for the project! Looks like we’ve got a logo to nail down now. At any rate, our artist hammered out some new models and materials. Hopefully we can get a HUD up and running soon enough.