Screenshot Saturday!

Working with ice a bit.

Actual Screenshot from my finished game Blind


I just made the first teaser screenshot for my game, Ad Noctvm. It’s still using some placeholder assets, but I figured it looks good enough to start promoting my game with. I’m really excited to share this. :slight_smile:


Ad Noctvm?

Ad Exitum ← Actual ue4 Horrorgame
Ad Infinitum ← Actual ue4 Horrorgame

Whats with all these Ads XD ill install an adblocker.


From the same scene as my previous screenshot.

WARTILE EarlyAlpha DemoScreenshot


At last we manage to make a working, beautiful and fun Early-Alpha DEMO of WARTILE. Not all features are in, but the promise of the game start to show.

See more about our development of WARTILE in this thread

and maybe check out or small DEMO footage here WARTILE_EarlyAplha_DEMO

Have a nice weekend everyone

Finished working on a new GUI for Kaboom Arena in time for the v0.6.0.0 release.

We’ve just started work on a new “roguelite” project, so nothing pretty to show just yet. I’ve been working on the spell system in C++, so here are the 3 projectile types (Missile, Hitscan & Beam):

Each projectile type can optionally bounce or pierce. The random projectile splitting in the video is due to a passive buff on the player (temporary spell icons are from here).

Hey guys Kyle here from project PROXY, for screenshot Saturday we wanted to let you guys see some of the characters that will be in the game.
Here are a few of the enemy characters, we also have a WIP thread so feel free do drop by and say hi!

Climb up the trees and discover new characters :wink: Please take a look this #screenshotsaturday for our title “Red Goddess: Inner World”. Thanks


Further information at:

Like that Jedi Academy mission? That was genuinely scary playing growing up!

Etienne, what’s the matter? :slight_smile:



The cavern, it’s the tutorial room of the game, were you will learn the basic movements feature such as wallrunning, sliding and such :wink:


Made another fun scene to try and emulate a realistic night time grungy street lamp setting! Made good use of the new post process effect film options in 4.8- some amazing things in there that can really help the look of the scene! Concrete by Eoin O’Broin, on Flickr

Only the strong survive this first Golem boss.#screenshotsaturday using Unreal Engine 4. TY


Short fly through the solar system of our multiplayer map.

Capture d’écran 2015-06-13 à 16.43.08.png

A desk from the nuclear plant, in chichijima.

A coastal erosion landscape vignette