ScreenCapture2D (Final Color LRD) blurry

Hello master

I spent on UE4.25 for 2 months and now, I’m setting up 3D Widget Viewer use:

  • Screen Capture 2D (Final Color LRD to **keep Env **and the **captured image **same COLOR) [settings like the below pic]
  • BackgroundBlur to players focus Item’s text infomation and Picked Items.
  • ShowOnlyComponent

b8178f0ccfef14e3275d44fd74dd92fef593db53.png](filedata/fetch?id=1860136&d=1612685688) ​​

But, I’ve a problem like pic :frowning:;base64

I CAN’T **REMOVE **BackgroundBlur because it helps Inspection System good for player.

Anyone can help me? I need CapturedImage avoid blurry by Backgroundblur

I did:

  • Changing TargetGamma / Disable Exposure (game, camera )
  • Check or Uncheck Capture every frame.
    Turn On/Off Motion Blue
    They don’t help me anymore