screen tear trouble shooting

Just recently…around the 4.13 update…my game started getting pretty bad horizontal screen tearing. I’m really stumped as to what happened.
I’m playing it on a GTX980 and a GTX750ti mostly and it has the same behavior with both cards. I went in the nvidia control panel and turned vsync to adaptive and that seemed to help but I was still noticing it in some places in the game where it was a bit high poly. I also have frame smoothing on, and when it’s off I also don’t notice any difference. Even in very simple corners of the game I’m still getting it.

Beyond fiddling in gpu settings I feel pretty stuck as to how to trouble shoot this problem. I also don’t want to expect everyone who downloads the game to go into their graphics card settings and turn vsync to adaptive.
The weird thing is that the game is pretty simple. I don’t use any lights - all emissive materials. None of my poly counts are that high, most of my textures are 1K. It’s a pretty simple game and there just always seems to be that horizontal screen tear. It wasn’t happening all summer and then all of a sudden…

Has anyone experienced this? Are there any other things I could try?