Screen Space Warping of Outline Post Process Material

Hey Guys,
I’ve got a Post Process Material that draws outlines on my objects, and I want to be able to warp it slightly in screen space using a screen aligned texture (just two grey scale images, one for each axis with black warping in negative x and y, and white in the positive). I can’t figure out how to get my textures to affect my outline. Is there such a thing as UV’s for the screen itself? For reference, The effect I’m going for is the outlines from Life is Strange.

Tom Looman’s Outline PPM - Custom Depth in Unreal Engine - Tom Looman
Reference - Dropbox - Error

you will probably have to do the warping to all the ScreenPosition nodes before they go into the SceneTexture:CustomDepth in the material for “accurate” results. it may be possible to do it later in the graph but i’m not sure right now.

I thought that might be the case. Do you have any examples on how to do that? Everything I’ve tried so far is basically turning my outline into a solid color with an alpha on it.