Screen space reflections not rendering on the Vive

Hi all,

I’m having some trouble to build my project for the Vive on UE4 4.11.

What happens is that the screen space reflections are not being rendered after building the project. It seems very weird to me, because the reflections do render correctly in the editor, but not in the standalone exe file.

Can anyone help me? I need to show this to a client early this week, and having reflections is very important for this project.


Update: I just tried converting my project to use it on UE4 4.12, and now the reflections are working but everything else renders a lot worst than it did on 4.11 (lightmass looks off, nothing like what I had previously).

Is this a bug on 4.11?

Update 2

Here’s how it looks like in the editor:

and when running the standalone:

I’ve looked around the internet and still haven’t found an answer to what might be happening. Any input from more experienced users or maybe even Epic would be appreciated.

Update 3

I updated my game to 4.12 and now the reflections are working properly. I’ll leave this here in case someone else finds the same issue (not the perfect solution, but it might help to know).

Unfortunately I, too, am having this issue, however I am on 4.12.