Screen space reflections for Virtual Reality


Any update on when we can expect screen space reflections to come to VR? Currently, it is listed under “Known Issues” in the unreal docs.

I see them just fine in 4.12 and 4.13 with Vive and with the Rift

Screen space reflections will “work” in VR but not that well due to the reflections being calculated in screen space. Because of this reflection’s near the sides of the viewport will end up looking incorrect. So you can use them, but you might not get the results you are looking for.

Also, if you’re using instanced stereo your reflections will have issues. It basically ruins all water shaders as it works fine in the left eye and the right eye completely freaks out.

So is there any plans to address this?

There are not plans to address this that I know of as this is an unfortunate limitation of SSR that can not easily be fixed. What are you trying to achieve exactly? Maybe there is another way to acheive it.

Decent water and good mirrors for our VR game.

Thanks for the info. We are trying to get decent water and good mirrors for our VR game and my understanding is both of those require SSR.

I would love to hear if you think there are ways to do this with SSR. I’m not tied to it in anyway just trying to get things to work. Thank you so much for any help.

Same here, SSR eats lots of my framerate , in some scenes around 5-7 ms .

still searching for this answer

Hello, I’m building VR interior with many reflective surfaces, I just want to know what is the status of 4.18.3 SSR (Screen Space Reflections) with HTC Vive?

They work with the deferred renderer, forward renderer doesn’t support screen space features.

You could use planar reflections as long as you keep in mind that they are very performance heavy. You’ll have to manually remove them at set distances and don’t let them see eachother - they essentially re-render the entire scene - they’re very similar to the portals from the Portal games.