Screen Space Reflection not working with moving object

Hey guys. Trying to figure out how i can get reflections with a moving object in unreal. As you can see in this video the mandalorian is not receiving any reflection. Im guessing its because I am using screen space reflection with spheres? Thanks in advance!

you have to see tutorials how to make materials and this looks like reflecting metal so there should be a guides for that

see this how a glass is made and I believe if you turn off transparency and probably cut the refraction connection off too you should have nice reflection

if you meant you want to have moving object with having reflections that doesnt move then you need different settings and I believe its possible only from the same place - object material, I say this because I notice some reflections I have with some of my materials are reflecting nothing else from my project but some building - the same one in the background when I open the static mesh options

Thank you for your reply i will look into the materials. It seems like the reflection are good when hes not moving hahaha