Screen Space Reflection in Robo Recall

Hi, I started to build a map for Robo Recall in 4.18 and i use The Water Material from the Race Game Example.
In the 4.18 Editor the reflection are ok.

In the RR 4.16 Editor are no reflections.
The Documentation says: Screen Space Reflection is an effect which is enabled by default…and i change nothing, is it because Robo Recall use a old 4.16 version?
How i can add Screen Space Reflection?

Robo Recall didn’t use screen space reflections. I believe it doesn’t work with the forward render Robo Recall uses. Try using planar reflections, you can see how they were used on the Robo Recall maps provided with the mod tool.

OK thanks

It works fine with the material from RR, but not with the water material.
Have i overlooked something, maybe in the Material?