Screen space reflection has always 0 roughness


In the project, I’m currently working at, there are many reflective materials.

While working on metal material, I found very strange reflections depending on the angle of view:

It looks good at this angle, but

wrong from this angle

At the right of the second image, you can see that it is not rough. The material is set to roughness = 0.1. Sphere reflections are placed.

I checked the Screen space reflection and it seems that it causes the problem. When I turn it off and use only information from sphere reflection captures, everything looks correct. But in many places I wish to have screen space reflections enabled. The problem is that they are always not rough.

Another screenshot with roughness set to 0.3

So you can see that it is entirely reflective when rendering the part of metal using screen space

What could be the problem?

Blurred SSR requires better quality settings.

Same problem here, no matter the quality settings.

Found the solution. Set the default post process Screen Space Reflection quality to above 60 or create a post process volume and set the same property to above 60. Also, raise the Max Roughness to a higher value more close to 1. If value is 0.5 for example, any roughness value above 0.5 will now show any SSR. The quality setting above 60 give support for blurring SSR.