Screen size problem when play the game in VR HTC Vive Pro and feeding HDMI to a TV


I am new to Unreal Engine, try to use it to do some VR project, I am using a notebook OMEN by HP 15-dh0031tx, which the monitor refresh rate is 240Hz, and I use the “product viewer” template from 4.22 (but I am not so sure which version, could be 4.21) as a starting point, and have put some of the models inside the level, I compile it as “Windows 64bits” as I will play it on HTC View Pro as well as I can play it on PC because the template project can let me choose PC/VR by a menu when I start the executable.

I use an HDMI cable for the notebook to feed another video signal to a TV which can let other people can see what I am playing when I wear the HTC Vive Pro at the same time, every time I start the executable anything is normal, only the screen display the game as a something like a bigger than quarter and shift a bit on the computer monitor as well the output HDMI TV screen (please see the attached pics). But the screen within the HTC Vive Pro is normal and everything is smooth and stable.

Can I fix the “quarter screen slid” situation? To make it back to normal to display a full screen on my notebook as well as the output HDMI TV screen?

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad English.