Screen Recording Programs - Which do you use?

I have Fraps installed, and the video quality is not bad, however it only allows 30 second clips for some reason. Is there a way to change that?

What programs would you recommend using to capture the screen when making videos to show your progress, or for creating a tutorial, etc?

Thanks guys!

You have to buy fraps to record more than 30 seconds.

So that’s what you use? I have no problems paying for it, just wanted to see if there are any others out there that work as well.

I’ve used it for short clips, if I’m creating a nice render I record to frames from Matinee, my screens aren’t 1080p so I can’t record 1920x1080 resolution any other way.
If I were to get serious about recording stuff I’d buy one of the dedicated video input recording devices, where you’d plug your HDMI into it and it would record from there, since any program that’s recording is going to slow down your game performance.

Thanks man!

Maybe I will try matinee instead, would solve the the performance issues somewhat. I am mainly using it to showcase my Ocean Shader at the moment (in my sig, you can see from the video it didn’t record very well), never had a need for something like this in the past, so I thought I would check out what’s new. :slight_smile:

if you going to use matinee then you could do it at 4k :wink: as you don’t really need the audio

i do all my recording with camstudio might not be the best but works for me

I knew there was another program I was forgetting, I will give camstudio a try (it’s got a good name, suits me). :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks Geo!

I personally use camtasia for tutorials (in my opinion it is pretty good, because you can render your video right after recording) and fraps for other stuff :slight_smile:

tutorials: camtasia
ingame: fraps or matinee

As far as i know, everybody now using Open Broadcaster Software, instead of Fraps and Bandicam.

Im also with OBS, its by far the best recording software ive tried, and its free.

I’m still using Fraps, like 7 or 8 years now. It’s pretty good, but it reduces framerate while playing. I think I’ll try obs.

Nice thing about OBS is that you can also easily rig it to stream game development! Takes little foreknowledge to connect to a service like Twitch. :slight_smile:

If you have the right Nvida graphics card, the driver comes with one.

I do videos since few days only and used camstudio, but after this reading, i’ll try obs and see.

I’ve been using Shadowplay and/or Playclaw with decent results. Shadowplay sometimes looses audio sync on my system and I haven’t a clue why it does that. Another program that is kindof handy is handbrake. It’s a video conversion type software that typically reduces the size of my recorded videos to 1/3 the filesize or the original video.

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! I don’t want to use shadowplay as it doesn’t recognize UE4 as a game, plus never had any luck with it before.

In the end I went with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), and it is a really good program, you can use it to livestream or for creating videos in FLV or MP4 format, which saves having to convert it later! But make sure you read the instructions on how to set up a scene, otherwise it doesn’t work, but it isn’t too difficult to do (right click to add). :slight_smile:

Are you trying to record editor sessions or gameplay samples?

I’ve been having no problem with shadowplay recording UE4 gameplay other than the audio recording issue I mentioned. Usually it places it a Win64 directory under where my shadowplay videos are stored. When I record editor sessions, it usually puts in a directory called desktop.

I still use Camtasia

Both actually, in editor and PIE in a new window, and packaged in game. I tried a few different apps but found Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to work the best for what I need, and free! I guess shadowplay would work as well, I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I really like this app. It will output directly to mp4/flv, and it is GPU based screen capturing, doesn’t really affect the performance of the editor (unlike FRAPS). Plus it even allows multiple capture inputs, so I can overlay videos on top, or next to the main capture. It’s a really good program, basic, but powerful.

Thanks for the help though DemoMan! :slight_smile: