Screen Percentage @ 200% doesn't work after game is packaged

I’m finishing some VR work, and in the level blueprint I have added a beginplay command to set screen percentage at 200.
When I preview the game in the editor, everything works.
But when I package the game in both development and shipping modes, the screen percentage refuses to go over 100. Even if I manually enter the command in console.

What can I do?

You can also set the screen percentage to 200 in the global unbound PP volume. Did you test it too?

@Jiffycrew Global unbound pp volume?
Is that just the standard PP volume you place into the scene?
I just changed the screen percentage settings in there, and the HMD images were seriously screwed up. It was as if it was cross eyed.

Yes, I mean the standard PP volume. By global, I mean an unbound pp volume so that the settings can affect whole scene.
I have no idea why HMD images are screwed up. Can you put some images or more info?

I suggest you to test whether 200% works in a simple project first (unreal blank project + startup), and then test yours again to find what causes the problem.

@Jiffycrew Here’s a run down of what happens:

First I preview play in editor using 100% screenspace. The left window shows the two eyes of the HMD, and the right window shows the actual game window.
Everything is fine.

Then I change the screenpercentage to 200% by adding a node to the beginplay level blueprint.
Everything is fine, and the image is much sharper. Notice the game window has now doubled in size.

Then I would package the project, and run the exe.
Everything is fine, but the image is not sharp. Notice the game window (left) is the same size as the game window in the first image.

So then I change the PPvolume screen percentage to 200

And this happens when I preview play it in editor:

I had the same problem: The fix was to use “ExecuteConsoleCommand” r.screenpercentage 200.

@Talismansa It seems you found what caused problems in this post. Steam VR Template - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums. I also thought it seemed a problem related to steamvr template, not to UE4 itself.

@Jiffycrew I can’t be certain that there’s anything wrong with the template, but I just know that the “stereo on” command can’t be executed on beginplay.

Anyway, I’m just glad I got to the bottom of it.
Thanks for trying to help!