Screen flickering after build/packaging

So basically the issue is when I package the game and play it the game plays in 1920X1080 Fullscreen as it’s supposed to but there unfortunately is some kind of flickering that occurs, the flickering is horizontal lines that cross the entire screen and ficker from top to bottom as the player looks around. After lots of experimentation I have discovered that pressing the F11 key, which is the full screen key, the flickering disappears entirely. Now when actually pressing it the screen does not even change at all, because obviously it’s already at 1920X1080 Fullscreen to begin with.

So does anyone have any clue as to why the screen flickers until I press the F11 key despite the fact it’s already at 1920X1080 and Fullscreen mode?
Has anybody come across this issue before?

Yeah I just came across this issue and just googled searched for a solution. I found this post lol

If I find something I’ll come back and share.

Had a similar problem which turned out to be a second direct light element that I had added

I updated my GeForce Game Ready Driver using GeForce Experience. That seemed to fix it, but my issue was with the editor; I would move my mouse cursor around and it would flicker horizontal lines. I haven’t tried packaging the game at all yet. I’m working with a new project.

Hi, I am facing same issue, have you found solution? Thanks

There is a bug if you’re not using TAA, that causes materials to flicker, try the console command r.SSR 0 to disable screenspacereflections and see if it works.