Screen Door Fade

I actually missed the screen door fade in Unreal 3. Ok it’s suppose to be good for use with foliage. I’m not using Speedtree for plants. Is all I do to set this up is click “use screen door fade” in the material editor for my material?
Anything else?

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your request. I have created a report and entered it into our feedback database. If there is anything else that you would like to see in a future build of Rocket, please let us know.



You might want to set up LOD as well for the best use with screen door fade, i set it up in UDK and you cant even see the transition

Yes I have 3 lod’s for my plants. Ok, after checking the option for “S.D.F” I see a great improvement.
When hovering over the option “S.D.F” it states “this adds an extra texture lookup”
Is this referring to the next lod texture?
Then is this the improvement by a transition between lod base texture and the lod 01 texture for example?