Screen blacks out on mobile preview and the cooked mobile version

Hello! I’ve recently ran into a problem with my game regarding rendering of some objects. When the camera zooms out during mobile preview some characters should become visible, instead the level becomes black. Although, the UI is fine. I am aware of mobile limitations (65k vertices and 75 bones) and tried removing the characters altogether which resolved the problem. The next thing I tried was importing some characters from Mixamo which brought back the bug. So the next thing I tried was importing a character from this sample: which is obviously suited for mobile. The character still was not present which means that the problem is not with the characters. I then imported my characters into the sample itself, they were not visible as well.

What else I’ve already tried:

  • Messing with the lighting and various mesh details
  • Making sure that MobileHDR is on
  • Turning on support for OpenGL ES3.1

I am on version 4.21 and currently running out of ideas what could be wrong here. Any help is highly appreciated!